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How do we work?

Well before the beginning of your plans, we are available in an advisory capacity.  On site, we can work with you to build a picture of the possibilities, carefully considering the local area and its particular circumstances, to eventually forming a draught concept.  During this phase, we will look at the possibilities of linking with existing regional tourist-attractions, the defining of your target groups, and the developing of successful operational procedures and policies. We also cover the possibilities for future developments or expansions.

Of particular importance in our approach, is the use of the most up-to-date measuring instruments. This information is transferred to 3D software (CADWORKS), where comprehensive plans are produced to a standard required for official consent processes.

Following that, virtually all components can be prefabricated in our own workshop by our team of experienced craftsmen. A large storage capacity and a well-equipped fleet of vehicles provide for a quick and problem free production process, thus enabling our qualified construction-team to complete your personal adventure in as short a time as possible.

Therefore we guarantee for you the highest quality and safety.