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A play area for all purposes

Play equipment and team training facility in one: from the team course to the slide tower and wheelchair swing – a varied range of play and motor skills equipment offers multifunctional benefits for guests of the Eglof family holiday centre (Allgäu).


Type: Inclusive play area
Challenges: 6 elements
Standard: BS EN 1176

Holz und Holzprodukte für den Außenbereich

The company was founded around 50 years ago as Wechsel-Holz and continues to operate today under the name hochkant GmbH:

Wooden fences | Robinia fencing rolls | Decking | Screens |
Round timber | Wooden stakes | Installation materials |
Signage | Seating | Playground equipment

•  Stock goods can be collected from our company headquarters
    in Gestratz-Brugg, Germany by appointment.
•  We provide planning, construction, installation and delivery services for
    custom products.

Would you like to preserve your wooden structures?
We would be glad to treat your timber in our pressure impregnation system
using green or brown preservatives. Delivery by arrangement.


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„It would be a pleasure to support you with your projects.“

Werner Wechsel

You can reach us at:
Tel: +49 8383 92958-0
E-Mail: info@hochkant.de