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Wood and wooden products for outdoor areas

At our company premises in Gestratz-Brugg, our customers will find everything they need to construct their fencing, decking or screening – with in-depth expert advice included.

If required, we supply prefabricated elements and the necessary assembly materials as well. We would also be happy to draw up individually tailored plans and install products in your garden.

Thanks to our extensive warehouse facilities, we are able to serve our customers promptly and efficiently.
However, we recommend contacting us in good time before your desired collection date. That means you can be sure your required product is reserved especially for you and ready for collection.

Address for orders and collection:

hochkant GmbH

Am Tobel 7
88167 Gestratz-Brugg
Tel.: +49 (0)8383 929 580
Email: info@hochkant.de


Customer information

Greying: When wood is exposed to the effects of the weather such as sun, rain and snow, it loses its natural properties; they are washed out. This causes the wood to turn grey and a patina forms. This is a natural transformation process that can be slowed down by applying natural or chemical wood preservatives. The formation of a patina is often desirable because the wooden structure then blends harmoniously into its surroundings.

Dry cracks: As wood is a natural product, it has the ability to absorb and release moisture. Therefore, any dry cracks that may appear due to the natural properties of wood are not grounds for complaint. These cracks do not affect the static load capacity of the timber products.