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Kesseldruckimprägnierung – Schutz mit Tiefenwirkung

High-pressure impregnation is particularly recommended for domestic woods such as spruce or pine which are intended for use outdoors. They are not very weather resistant by nature and therefore require effective protection.
In the impregnation process, water-soluble preservatives are forced deep into the sapwood under high pressure in a vacuum. The preservatives protect the wood against rot and prevent it becoming infested with fungi and insects, which break down the wood. With chromium-free Wolmanit CX-8, the impregnation process is as gentle and environmentally friendly as possible while also achieving highly effective and long-lasting wood protection.
Impregnated wood does not need to be painted. However, any subsequent processing – such as cutting, planing or drilling – will expose unprotected areas, and these should be treated with a suitable wood preservative. It is therefore preferable to prepare the wood ready for assembly first and then impregnate it with preservative.
We are experts in long-lasting wood preservation. As we have our own wood impregnation facility, we can respond individually to our customers’ wishes. You are also welcome to bring your own wood to us for impregnation.
Speak to us and let us advise you.

Boiler pressure impregnation
Impregnation in green or brown is possible.

Please note:
High-pressure impregnated wood will also turn grey when exposed to the wind and weather.
Disposal information: Pressure-treated external timber products must be disposed of appropriately at the end of their service life.