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Round timbers and palisades

Round timbers are ideal for individual and flexible use in your garden. For example, they can be used as a palisade to demarcate separate areas of the garden, integrated as posts into your garden fence or sharpened at one end as
a stake – round timbers are both functional and decorative.

Please note that not every type of wood is equally suitable for every purpose. Constructive wood protection is also very important for ensuring the durability of your wooden product.

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Product type
Round timber

Wood type

Spruce, pine, larch, twisted bole robinia
Can be pressure treated in green or brown on request.
Machined, bevelled, sharpened, peeled, split into half or three-quarter timbers
From 60 to 200 mm, other sizes on request
From 3 to 5 m

Can be individually customised as required.