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Wooden decking

Whether it’s a favourite sunny spot, a relaxation area or an extension of living space: wooden decking creates a feel-good atmosphere in any garden. There are many different boards to choose from for constructing decking, depending on taste and requirements.If you are looking for greater durability in addition to the naturalness of native wood species, heat-treated decking boards are the product for you.Their resistance class and dimensional stability are significantly increased through the use of a special heating process (thermal treatment).

We provide everything you need to build your decking. We would be happy to advise you on the most suitable materials for your decking, and we can also install it for you at your premises, if required.

Product type Wooden decking
Wood type Spruce, pine, larch, ash, oak
Can be pressure treated in green or brown on request.
  Rough sawn, planed, bevelled
Dimensions Width and length vary depending on the type of wood

Can be individually customised as required.