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Fly-Line Enderndorf

Franconia (Bavaria)

Germany’s second Fly-Line facility was opened in May near Brombach lake in Franconia. It is the perfect complement to the existing Enderndorf adventure forest and ropes course.

The Fly-Line is accessed via a wooden staircase that leads up to a 4.5-metre-high platform. From here, participants can make their way to the actual starting platform by walking over a wobbly suspension bridge. The entrance elements are secured by railings and nets so that participants can access the facility without the need for additional safety equipment.
On arriving at the starting platform, participants are strapped into special harnesses which are attached to the pipe system by means of Fly-Line carriages. With a few of the lake, the participants can then “fly” along a 550-metre track through deciduous and coniferous trees at a height of up to 20 metres. Waves, curves and loops in the track ensure the 3-minute flight has lots of variety and is great fun.

After a successful landing, a shuttle bus transports participants and equipment speedily back to the starting point. Using an electric winch, the pulleys are brought back up to the starting platform, where they are then available for the next flyers.

There is a traffic light system in the starting area to ensure the frequency of departures is controlled. It significantly optimises the capacity and operational safety of the facility.


Type: Fly-Line
Constructed: 2016
Length: 550 m
Slope: Approx. 10%