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Fly-Line Oberwiesenthal

Erzgebirge mountains, Saxony (Olympic location)

A Fly-Line was constructed on the Fichtelberg mountain in October 2018. It carries mountain railway passengers and hikers down into the valley along a 1,550-metre track.

The starting point is located at the chairlift mountain station. From a steel platform, participants embark on an 8-minute flight that glides almost silently between the trees and over open spaces. In addition to an impressive change of perspective and a magnificent view, participants also enjoy a varied and interesting flight route that includes circles, curves and small jumps. On arrival at the bottom, participants land gently on a specially designed platform. A traffic light system ensures smooth operation, even when the facility is very busy. There is electronic route monitoring for additional security.

In places where there were no trees on which to attach the carrier pipe, steel supports were erected on the slope using a 30-tonne digger and a crawler crane. Installing the masts proved to be quite a challenge for the construction team on this sometimes very steep terrain. The project was implemented in cooperation with the Fly-Line GmbH team.

Photos: Liftgesellschaft Oberwiesenthal mbH


Facts and figures:
Type: Fly-Line
Constructed: 2018
Length: 1,550 m
Standard: DIN EN 15567


Photos: Fly-Line Oberwiesenthal