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Fly-Line Rittisberg

Ramsau am Dachstein (Styria, Austria)

The 440-metre-long Rittisberg Fly-Line weaves through the forest. The launch pad is 1,241 metres above sea level and can be reached on foot in around 10 minutes via a new hiking path. On arrival at the top, participants are strapped into a special harness by an instructor. The harness is directly attached to the sliding carriage, which has a centrifugal brake. If the traffic light is green, participants can take off on their flight.

At a height of up to 12 metres above the forest floor, there are plenty of circles, waves, loops and jumps to ensure the flight is thrilling and lots of fun as participants glide through the trees – with a view of the imposing Dachstein mountains included. The dynamic design of the course is the result of the dense tree population, to which we adapted the flexible system. The high ropes course that already existed at the location has also been incorporated into the route. Smooth operation is ensured thanks to an electric lift system which transports the sliding carriages back to the starting point after participants have been unclipped from their harnesses.


Type: Fly-Line
Constructed: 2018
Length: 440 m
Slope: Up to 12°