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Fly-Line Saarbrucken

Saarbrucken (Saarland)

Germany‘s first ‘Fly-Line has arrived. With a length of 370 meters and a gradient of four degrees, the ‘Fly-Line’ twists and winds its way through trees of a mixed deciduous forest near Saarbrucken.

Over, waves, around curves and loops, a self-braking roller still allows the participant to fly with ample fun. To ensure safe entrance in to the approximately eight meter high attraction, three climbing elements are completely enclosed in nets.

The attraction serves as a supplement to the existing ‘Adventure Park Saar’ and contributes to a wider offer for future visitors.


Type: Fly-Line
Construction: 2015
Length: 370 m
Specific feature: the first Fly Line in Germany


Construction: Rise Element


Fly Line carriages