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Fly-Line Wavre


The project in Wavre, Belgium, clearly demonstrates that a Fly-Line is the perfect addition to existing recreational facilities such as ropes courses. Here, the Fly-Line’s carrier pipes not only wind their way through the trees of the mixed woodland forest but also directly cross the climbing obstacles of a ropes course.

Our client asked us to design a course that was as varied and exciting as possible. We were able to do this very effectively by including circles and (double) jumps. Participants ascend to the starting point of the course via suspended walkways, which they can cross without any additional safety protection. On arrival at the 12-metre-high departure platform, participants are strapped into a special harness by instructors. They are threaded into the system by means of a shuttle with a centrifugal brake, which carries them down to the end point at a moderate speed.


Type: Fly-Line
Constructed: 2017
Length: Approx. 320 m
Standard: DIN EN 15567