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Fly-Line Winterberg

Erlebnisberg Kappe (Sauerland)

The Fly-Line facility is the perfect addition to the wide range of leisure activities at Erlebnisberg Kappe adventure park in the Sauerland region of Germany. Here, participants can fly along a route nearly 1,000 metres in length after taking off from the mountain station. During the flight, participants reach heights of up to 10 metres and fly in waves, over jumps and around in circles. They also get a live view of bikers’ rapid descents on Germany’s largest biking course.

The facility has been designed to ensure smooth operation: on arrival at the end point, shuttles are transported back up to the top using a 6-seat chairlift. At the upper stations, the shuttles are then hung directly in the Fly-Line system to be transported back to the starting ramp via a feeder. The flights themselves are controlled using a traffic light system at the starting ramp.

Part of the route crosses over the ski slope. This section of the course has been designed in such a way that it can be dismantled for the winter season.


Type: Fly-Line
Constructed: 2019
Length: Nearly 1,000 m
Standard: DIN EN 15567


Photos: Elebnisberg Kappe Winterberg