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Additional nature discovery stations for the Neckertal treetop path

Mogelsberg (St. Gallen, Switzerland)

Time and again, nature produces unique specimens, such as an albino beech tree. This tree has white leaves and so is unable to photosynthesise. It only survives because it receives a sufficient amount of nutrients from the surrounding trees via the roots.

hochkant was awarded a contract by the operators of the Neckertal treetop path in Switzerland to showcase this rare natural phenomenon while protecting it from curious visitors at the same time. This task was implemented by installing an enclosure around the tree as well as an information panel and interactive quiz table that clearly and engagingly explain the important role played by roots and fungi in the soil in sustaining the albino beech.


Type: Nature discovery station
Constructed: 2020
Pillars: Solid larch
Signs: Oak/HPL multilayer panels
Protective fence: Solid larch