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“Urknall” information stations in Bad Harzburg

Bad Harzburg treetop path (Lower Saxony)

Just in time for the first anniversary of Bad Harzburg treetop path, 17 new elements are now ready to be explored. These accompany the visitors along the path that winds its way up in the entrance crown to the actual treetop path.

Beginning with the Big Bang, the information stations trace the historical development of the Earth and the evolution of its inhabitants. A host of interactive activities invites visitors to join in and discover something new. For example, the “Dino-Theater” information station provides a view of prominent creatures from prehistoric times by opening a theatre curtain. The “Urknall-Tunnel” is a particular highlight: on entering the dark tunnel, visitors find themselves in the middle of the Big Bang explosion, which is impressively enacted using an LED lighting programme and background acoustics.

Working in close collaboration with the scientific experts on site, our team oversaw the entire implementation of the information stations – from the initial concept through to installation.


Type: Nature discovery stations
Constructed: 2016
Number: 9 stations, 17 elements
Special feature: Many interactive activities


Infotafel mit „Gucki“

Interaktion „Gucki“

Einblick „Gucki“