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Carl Hirnbein Trail themed path/information stations

Weitnau/Missen-Wilhams (Bavaria, Upper Allgäu)

A new information pillar on the Carl Hirnbein Trail provides information about the introduction of dairy farming in the Allgäu region. It is one example of more than 40 newly created information and educational stations that tell visitors all about the Allgäu dairy pioneer Carl Hirnbein. The themed path links the communities of Weitnau and Missen-Wilhams (Upper Allgäu) with each other. Now, 20 years after the path was first built, it has been redesigned and two circular routes have been added. The new stations were based on a preliminary design created by a project group consisting of local residents.

In creating the stations, close attention was paid to carefully researching the content and acquiring historic visual material. As it is particularly important for themed paths to ensure content is presented correctly, the Allgäu-based film director and historian Leo Hiemer was brought on board especially for this project as a recognised Hirnbein expert.

In addition to the concept and graphic design of the signs, the hochkant team was responsible for the construction of the stations and their installation on site. Long-lasting woods including solid larch and robinia trunks were used in order to minimise maintenance for the community. Interactive elements such as telescopes, folding panels and revolving signs were all made from durable stainless steel.


Type: Nature discovery trail
Constructed: 2021
Stations: 40
Pillars: Solid larch
Signs: HPL multilayer panels



leading figure design

leading figure "Käsimir"

leading figure information stations