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Nature Experience Path Lindau

Lindau (Bavaria)

On the Nature Experience Path in Lindau, visitors not only come into close contact with the forest habitat, the interactive stations provide knowledge about it and its inhabitants. The station ‘Kohlenstoffkreislauf’, a test of skill made from acacia trunks, shows the visitors how easily the balance of nature can be lost, with lasting effect.  With the ‘sound’ stations all senses of the participants are demanded:  While going through the ‘sound pavilion’ the participant moves the vertically hung Ash wood and generate clattering noises. By turning the ‘Good Friday Rattle’ the visitor creates the noise it is renowned for.  On a Flying Fox, created by using a steel rope spanned between two trees, the visitor can glide through the forest. All signs were formed by us in-house, prefabricated and installed on site by our construction team. The sign’s annual care and servicing is also carried out by us.


Type: Nature Experience Path
Construction: 2011
Signs/stations: 13
Frames: Larch/Douglas fir
Signs: Oak
Weather protection: Larch timber roof
Foundation: Ground Screws