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Nature Experience Path Mindelheim

Mindelheim, (Bavaria)

Those who choose to walk the Nature Experience Path in Mindelheim, will learn a lot about; wood, the raw material; what nature-oriented forestry means, and the communities that live in and from it. The station ‘Vom Stamm zum Stuhl’ for example, explains step by step how a 5-metre-long trunk is cut open in the saw-mill on its way to becoming a chair.  Stations like ‘Wald und Wasser’ and ‘Photosynthesis’ make clear, what an important role forests play for our environment. A stilt-path made from acacia promotes the visitor’s motor skills and their sense of balance.


Type: Nature Experience Path
Construction: 2011
Signs/stations: 10 stations
Frames: Larch/Douglas fir massively
Signs: Oak
Weather protection: Single-pitch roof and  larch shingles
Foundation stations: Ground Screws