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Nature Experience Path, Zusmarshausen

To Zusmarshausen (Bavarians)

The visitors, who proceed along the 2.5-km-long Nature Experience Path Zusmarshausen, find out a lot about the forests flora and fauna through stations like ‘Laubbäume’, ‘Nadelbäume’, and ‘Heilkräuter’, while stations like ‘Holz und Energie’ and ‘Nachhaltigkeit’ provide insight into sustainable management of the forest. The stations ‘Nahrungsnetz’ and ‘Jagd’ deal with the animal life in the forest.  As a popular meeting place and place to rest, the ‘Klassenzimmer im Grünen’ offers plenty of seating for that purpose. Sometimes containing active, sometimes interactive elements, the stations enable the visitor to grasp the knowledge themselves; to ‘understand’.


Type: Nature Experience Path
Construction: 2013
Stations: 11