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Bad Hindelang nature discovery trail – Imberger Horn

If you’re looking to see the chamois goat and its friends, you should head on down to the nature trail in the Allgäu Alps.
The trail starts at the summit station of the Imberger Horn cable car in Bad Hindelang, located 1,314 m above sea level.

The trail features a total of 15 themed stations for spotting different animals, including the black grouse, ibex and more, all in their natural habitats. Each station also includes various interactive elements such as sliding boards, cranks and audio stations, as well as themed game devices to make learning fun. And even more fun is on offer at the themed playground directly behind the summit station building.

The hochkant team were responsible for bringing these stations to life, from the planning and construction right through to installation of the on-site stations.


Construction: 2021
Stations: 15 themed areas and playground
Pillars: solid larch
Signs: HPL multilayer panels


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Spielplatz Bau

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