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Olderdissen woodland discovery trail


Bielefeld (Lower Saxony)

The Grünfuchs trail begins in Olderdissen wildlife park. This is the starting point of the 2.6-kilometre woodland discovery trail which has been created for the city of Bielefeld. At 10 stations along the route, visitors can learn how the Kahler Berg hill was formed and how the forest ecosystem functions. Interesting facts and knowledge are communicated via interactive elements including a kinetic audio station, folding and sliding panels and motor skills stations. A quiz at the end of the trail tests whether visitors have absorbed and retained the information they have learnt about the forest.In this project, hochkant once again supplied everything from a single source, from the conceptual design through to the creation of the information signboards and the construction of the stations.


Type: Nature discovery trail
Constructed: 2021
Stations: 10
Wood: Robinia wood trunks
Signs: HPL multilayer panels