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“HeideHimmel” treetop path information stations

Hanstedt-Nindorf (Lüneburg Heath, Lower Saxony)

At 700 metres long, the “HeideHimmel” treetop path is the perfect addition to the tourist amenities available at Hanstedt-Nindorf wildlife park in Lower Saxony.

The “HeideHimmel” path features more than 20 fascinating environmental education stations which clearly explain the forest ecosystem and the cultural history of the Lüneburg Heath to visitors. All of the stations were designed individually, thereby enabling us to achieve a high degree of authenticity. Visitors can experience this first hand at the Wolf station, which is located 15.2 metres directly above the wolf enclosure in the wildlife park.

In line with the motto “learning by doing”, all themed areas are equipped with interactive elements. They spark the curiosity of visitors and motivate them to engage more intensively with the content. All of the stations were developed by hochkant – from concept through to implementation.


Type:Nature discovery stations
Constructed:    2019
Pillars:Solid larch
Signs:HPL multilayer panels


Photos: Adrian Fohl Lüneburg Heath wildlife park