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Nature Experience Path "Hutewaldweg"

‘Woods and valleys at Steigerwaldrand“
Iphofen (Bayern)

The path loops through an area recreated historically as an Oak pasture woodland, now used for grazing deer and the Frankish cattle known as Gelbvieh (Pron. Gel-fee).

Because the loop around the pasturelands is enjoyed regularly by families with children, this was the concept’s target group.

For that reason we installed a huge number of imaginatively formed play stations like; a "cow's low rope course" or the ‘movable butterfly's wings’. Interactive stations like ‘What are pasture woodlands?’ or ‘butterfly's paradise of pasture woodlands’ provide the visitors with a wealth of knowledge about the origin and significance of such areas.  More than enough seated areas were built inviting parents to take their time and relax.  A ‘question and answer game’ make for an exciting visit with lasting effect.

Here we were responsible for the complete concept; al the content and graphic creation, as well as the production and installation of all signage and stations.


Type: Nature Experience Path
Construction: 2013
Signs/stations: 10 subject areas
Frames: Larch/Douglas fir
Signs: Oak
Weather protection: High-grade steel hipped roof
Foundations: Ground Screws