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LIFE+ “MainMuschelkalk” nature project

Districts of Main-Spessart, Bad Kissingen, Würzburg and the city of Würzburg (Bavaria)

In the LIFE+ “MainMuschelkalk” nature project, everything revolves around the topics of biological diversity and the preservation of valuable dry habitats along the middle river Main valley and the valleys of the Fränkische Saale and Wern. The 36 stations present visitors with facts and information about this natural environment and its biodiversity. Additionally, 16 entertaining listening stations are linked (QR codes) through which it is also possible to listen to the region.
To meet requirements in terms of high durability of the stations, materials such as stainless steel and aluminium composite panels were used.
The on-site assembly of the stations was particularly challenging for our installation team. Because of the large area covered by the project, well-coordinated logistics were necessary, as some of the sites are located a long way from each other on hillsides and plateaus in 3 different districts (Main-Spessart, Bad Kissingen, Würzburg) and the city of Würzburg. Installing the screw foundations into the tough ground (shell limestone) was also very complex and called for a great deal of patience and dexterity on the part of our workmen.


Type: Nature discovery stations
Constructed: 2016
Number: 36
Special feature: Very large project area
Frames: Stainless steel
Information signs: Aluminium composite panels


Photos: Ulrike Faust