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Wiesthal nature trail

On behalf of Spessart Nature Park and the municipality of Wiesthal (Lower Franconia), we constructed a nature and culture countryside trail with a total of eight stations. Taking an existing design concept as a starting point, the stations were developed further in terms of their content and structure and were prepared in close consultation with the client.

The main focus of the nature trail is a rare ant species which is found in the nature conservation area around Wiesthal.
It is represented as a cartoon figure that guides visitors through the diverse range of topics. At the stations, which are mostly interactive, visitors learn interesting facts about the historical development of Wiesthal and how the wetland meadow that exists at the site today is connected to the former cultivation of the irrigation meadows.

As the stations had to be designed for long-lasting durability and easy maintenance, the frames were made from stainless steel. Care was also taken to ensure the maximum resilience of the materials and construction of the interactive elements as well.


Type: Nature discovery stations
Constructed: 2020
Stations: 8
Pillars: Stainless steel
Signs: HPL multilayer panels


Fotos: Oliver Kaiser und Thomas Minnich, Naturpark Spessart e.V.