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Nature Experience Path, NatURwaldweg, Dornheim

Wälder und Waldwiesentäler am Steigerwaldrand
Iphofen (Bavarians)

The ‘NatURwaldweg’ illustrates how avoiding the use of forest for timber, can help the forest return to its virgin state again. Signs like ‘Totholz’ or ‘Wasserspeicherwald’ explain the biological connections. The station ‘Baumeister Specht’ offers a glimpse in a real woodpecker cave.  To ensure boredom can’t creep in, NatURwaldweg also offers varied physical exercise possibilities: passable woodpecker caves with climbing net or a balance path, inviting the visitor to consider the ease in which natural life cycles can also be tipped out of balance. For those who prefer things more comfortable, deck chairs and a gigantic hammock are available too. Under an approx. 200 year-old oak tree we have installed a ‘forest-book’ which tells from the life of this tree.

Because the path is located on the edge of a particularly sensitive conservation area, the on-site assembly had to be completed keeping the environment in mind.  Here the use of Ground Screws as foundations had particular importance, as the use of heavy machines and concrete could be kept to a minimum.

As with the ‘Mittelwaldweg’ and with the ‘Hutewaldweg’, we were also responsible for everything from the planning and design through to the installation of the stations.

By request of the relevant forestry enterprise, all future repairs and maintenance of the individual stations will be completed by us.


Type: Natural experience way
Construction: 2013
Signs/stations: 7 subject areas
Frames: Larch/Douglas fir
Signs: Oak
Weather protection: High-grade steel hipped roof
Foundation stations: Ground Screws




Spielstation Spechthöhle