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"Plenterwaldweg" Scheidegg

A total of eight discovery stations along the selection cutting path, located right next to the Skywalk Allgäu treetop path, provide information on the silvicultural practice of selection cutting and further facets of forest ecology.
Almost all of the stations feature interactive elements that encourage visitors to take an informed look at this special type of mixed woodland. For instance, the haptic handrail focusses on the three main tree species, the European silver fir, spruce, beech, and their characteristics. Test yourself to see how well you have remembered the information by using one of the rotating columns to match up habitats, leaves, needles and fruits.

Rest areas, such as a swinging bench, lounger and massage stumps, are perfect for relaxation and add a touch of holistic enjoyment to the educational aspect.

The stations were built from solid larch, and the signage is made from printed HPL multilayer panels. HPL multilayer panels are highly resistant to the influences of UV light, making them perfect for outdoor applications. The project was implemented on the basis of an existing concept developed on behalf of the Bayerische Forstverwaltung (Bavarian Forest Administration) and the Scheidegg tourist board.


Type: Nature discovery stations
Constructed: 2020
Stations: 8
Pillars: Solid larch
Signs: HPL multilayer panels