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Nature Experience Stations, Public Baths, Weiler-Simmerberg

The outdoor swimming pool in the municipality of Weiler-Simmerberg offers its visitor more than the chance to just swim and splash around. Since summer of 2015, the little ones can enjoy a Balancing Parcour to complement the Pirate-themed playground already built by Hochkant Ltd in 2014. Constructed from weather-resistant acacia wood, the various learning stations are designed with children in mind.

Over a total of six stations the children find out exciting and interesting facts about dragonflies, butterflies, and frogs to name but a few. The oversized butterfly's wings for example are not just a great eye-catcher, the movable wings invite the visitors to slip in the life of a butterfly. Also here we have paid attention to use only durable materials.

For the content and graphics displayed on the stations, responsibility was given to the children of the Weiler-Simmerberg primary school. With a lot of specialist knowledge and creativity they provided numerous description texts and drawings which we then integrated into the information signs.


Type: Nature Experience Stations
Construction year: 2015
Number: 6 stations
Special features: Combining of movement and information