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Nature Experience Path, Roggenburg

Roggenburg (Bavaria)

In the area of the Monastery mill in Roggenburg, visitors learn a wealth of information about the grounds and her history of origin. This is achieved by way of individual presentation boards, fabricated and installed on site by hochkant.

One of these is noteworthy; a stainless-steel housing with a viewing window built in to it, called ‘Bodendrehtafel’.  By manually turning a crank the participant can observe through the viewing window how the earth’s soil originates. In addition, to demonstrate the enormous length of time which is required, the participant has to crank repeatedly for movement in the view window to be seen. The whole concept, including the mechanics required were developed, constructed and put in to use by us.


Type: Nature Experience Path
Construction: 2012
Signs/stations: 15
Frames: False acacia
Signs: Alu-Dibond
Station Foundation: Stainless-steel frames