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„Stuimändleweg“ nature discovery trail Ofterschwang

Ofterschwang (Upper Allgäu, Bavaria)

On the Ofterschwanger Horn mountain, a little fellow called Steini is up to his tricks. The little stone cairn figure guides visitors along an educational trail called the “Stuimändleweg”. He appears wherever there is something to be discovered. There are interesting information signboards and interactive stations at various points along the route.

The stations focus on the geological and meteorological conditions in the local area. The aim of the project was to increase year-round tourism on the mountain and attract families in particular.
For this reason, the main focus of the design was on educational and interactive stations. Next to the mountain restaurant, for example, a large adventure playground has been built which is able to withstand a great deal of use thanks to its well thought-out design. An imposing deer stand enhances the mountain forest theme, and there is a small pedestrian suspension bridge for anyone who wants to cross the gorge. A metal tube slide has been built on the edge of a small slope, and a creative station on the topic of forest species can be found in a quiet area. On the information pillars, interactive elements such as a molasse conglomerate periscope, a crank handle wind machine and a water column help to reinforce learning.


Type:Nature discovery trail
Pillars:Solid larch, rocks
Signs:HPL multilayer panels


Leading figure Steini

Design Wald-Art-Station