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Nature Experience Elements, Treetop Path, Bad Harzburg

Bad Harzburg (Lower Saxony)

To make a visit to the Treetop Path in Bad Harzburg an instructive natural experience, it was equipped with a total of 33 experience stations.

They provide clear and concise information about endemic animal species and the ecosystem, as well as interesting facts and history about the Harz region. Ensuring authenticity on these subjects was only possible by close collaboration with the regional experts.

Numerous interactive experience elements provide for exciting and lasting knowledge sharing. They wake up the curiosity of the visitors and invite them to take part. A woodpecker cave to be opened, for example, allows unusual insights into nature. Rotating or folding boards provide answers to questions like ¬ ‘which animals live in the wood’, or ‘do you recognize the type of tree.’ To be able to show every subject area in an optimal way, we create totally new interactions according to location and possibilities.

Different motor activity and play stations complement the offer and provide ample opportunity for movement and fun, while conversely seating, like the ‘sheet benches’, invite the visitor to relax and unwind.

All elements were conceived by us with attention to detail, were designed and built at our in-house workshop.


Type: Natural Experiential Elements
Construction: 2015
Number: 33 Elements
Specific feature: numerous interactions


Idea Sketch Bat Periscope

Bat Periscope