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Neckertal treetop path information stations

Mogelsberg (St. Gallen, Switzerland)

The first Swiss treetop path (Mogelsberg, Switzerland) features a wide range of environmental education stations, which give visitors a closer insight into the forest, its inhabitants and the geology of the Swiss Alpine foothills. The 35 information stations are located both on and below the recently opened treetop path in the “Steinwäldli”.

To help visitors absorb and retain information, nearly all of the stations have interactive elements, some of which were newly developed especially for this project. They spark the curiosity of the visitors and motivate them to join in. At nearly every station, there is something interesting to discover, fold, turn, push, smell or hear.

For visitors who do not speak German, a summary of the content in French, Italian and English is available at each station.


Type:Nature discovery trail
Pillars:Solid larch
Signs:Oak, HPL multilayer panels


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