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Nature Experience Stations ‘Baumkronenweg Ziegelwies’, Füssen im Allgäu

Visitors to Füssen’s Tree Top Path in south Germany are treated to a total of five stations, presenting information on exciting subjects ranging from red deer, the common raven, the functions of alpine forest, or the river Lech flowing nearby.

What makes these elements so special is that they are an information stand and seating in one. To do this we conceived individual and beautifully designed, modern wooden benches with integrated signs. Two double seaters and single seaters invite the visitors to rest and to enjoy the view. Because the stations are exposed to the weather all year round, our choice of wood was Douglas fir. On account of its low resin seepage and its durability, it is ideal for this purpose.

The ‘picture frames’ in form of giant leaves can be viewed from both sides, and blend harmoniously into the back support. Made of native larch timber, they form the suitable frame for the printed information signs (metal optics). By being designed laterally, the information boards can also be read while the seats are occupied. To protect them against wind, weather and careless visitors, the text boards and posters we provided are covered with an acrylic glass cover. The individual station titles have been made with high-grade steel lettering, imbedded on the frames. By using spacers, they form a special eye-catcher.

In addition, there is one more information station which while retaining its leaf form, is a freestanding element, without seat opportunity. It is mounted on a screw foundation, therefore not requiring concrete, and having minimal impact on the environment.


Type: Nature Experience Stations
Construction year: 2015
Number: 4 benches, 1 freestanding element, with 9 information boards
Special feature: Bench and information station in one