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“Titan RT” pedestrian suspension bridge at Rappbode Dam

Rappbode Dam (Saxony-Anhalt)

The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world was opened after a construction period of around 10 months. The structure stretches across the valley alongside the Rappbode Dam at a height of approx. 100 metres. With a length of 458 metres, it beats the previous world record holder for the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Sochi, Russia, by 19 metres.

The gently swaying bridge structure is accessible to everyone – no additional safety equipment is necessary. The only requirement for entry is sturdy footwear. The walkway has a continuous width of 1.2 metres and is enclosed on each side by 1.3-metre-high railings and stainless steel mesh.

Should the dizzying high-altitude experience of crossing the bridge not be enough, visitors looking for an even bigger adrenaline rush can give the spectacular Giga-swing a try. It offers daredevils the chance to plunge 75 metres downwards through the air in a thrilling free fall and swing back and forth in the valley. They can jump alone or with a partner.

Working in close collaboration with our clients Stefan and Maik Berke (Harzdrenalin UG), we were responsible for delivering the entire project as project managers over a 2-year period. In terms of the bridge structure, our core activities mainly focused on planning the design and consulting the specialists involved, as well as coordinating and monitoring the construction process. Regarding the Giga-swing, we also coordinated assembly and the training of the instructors.

During the 10-month construction period, HTB Baugesellschaft m.b.H. (general contractor) used 148 cubic metres of concrete and 25 tonnes of reinforcing steel. The huge bridge-pulling forces of 947 tonnes are supported by a total of 48 tie and pressure anchors, which are sunk up to 27 metres into the ground. The total bridge weight of 120 tonnes is supported by the 4 main bearer cables with a diameter of 65 mm. 2 lateral stabilising cables hold the bridge in position. The bridge can be operated up to a wind force of 6 Bft.


Type: Pedestrian suspension bridge
Special attraction: Giga-swing
Bridge length: 458 m
Total length of structure: 483 m
No. of people: Max. 210 visitors
Permissible weight limit: 245 tonnes
Normal operation up to wind force 6 Bft

Gondola with Giga-Swing

Montage Giga-Swing

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