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Missen-Wilhams nursery school playground (Allgäu, Bavaria)

The new multifunctional playground at Missen-Wilhams nursery school (Allgäu) is the perfect space for outdoor fun and adventure. Consisting of two imaginatively designed play towers linked by a rope bridge, the playground encourages children to play and romp around at different levels. The equipment includes a sand lift which directly integrates the sand play area underneath into the playing process. We designed the entrances and exits in such a way that they provide the appropriate challenge for children of all ages. Children can practise their balance and motor skills on the low ropes course which is directly connected to the supporting structure.

Naturally grown robinia trunks and untreated larch were used in the construction of the playground. Not only do these robust woods stand up well to wind and weather, they also give the playground an imaginative visual appearance.


Type: Playground
Constructed: 2016
Standard: DIN EN 1176


Photos: Missen-Wilhams nursery school