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Adventure playground for little knights

High above Lauterburg (Essingen, Baden-Württemberg) stands the (ruined) castle that shaped the town’s history and also gave it its name. At the client’s request, hochkant drew on this local history and addressed it in the design for the municipal playground. The result is a play and adventure castle ready to be conquered by little knights and ladies. The castle itself consists of a tower and a rampart with a wall-walk. Just as in days of yore, invading the castle requires a siege tower with a drawbridge.
Depending on their age and sense of adventure, children can enjoy play elements that accommodate different motor skills and climbing abilities, such as ladders, a ramp and a slide. The highlight of the castle is a life-size knight cut from solid wood, whose presence reinforces the visual theme and inspires imaginative roleplay.

The playground was constructed from untreated and hard-wearing wood types such as larch and robinia that can withstand both heavy castle sieges and the onslaughts of wind and weather.


Type: Playground
Constructed: 2021
Standard: BS EN 1176