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Weiler Swimming Pool

At the request of our customer we conceived a multi-functional playground concept in the form of a ship wreck. It offers to small pirates from approx. 3 years old enough space for activities rich in movement in various play areas and at different levels.

To offer the suitable challenge to all age groups, we formed the access elements in different difficulty levels. Wall bars and climbing nets, ropes, ramps and ladders stimulate and develop a child’s motor activity, and in this way the little pirate’s motor-skills and strength are challenged. 

Affectionately formed details, as for example a steering wheel or a telescope, stimulate the imagination of the children and encourage vital role-playing. The bright red, five-metres-long wave-like children's slide and a low rope garden element docked in the ship body make the playtime perfect.  And as with any decent pirate ship, coloured sails and a Jolly Roger flag flutter in the wind.

When we selected the building materials we decided on naturally grown Acacia trunks and untreated larch timber because these are especially long-lasting and have a very natural look. In the construction form the intentionally "skewed" aesthetics in combination with rounded corners makes the ship a unique "eye-catcher". 

As a supplement to the pirate ship we installed a 2.50-metre-high bird's nest swing and three hammocks with a supporting frame also made out of false acacia trunks.


Type: Playground
Construction year: 2014
Norm: DIN EN in 1176 (German Institute for Standardisation)