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Playground Gestratz

This children's playground is located in a newly designated housing area of Gestratz and offers children up to ten years of age an exciting and diverse area to play and have fun. Because the area is on a hillside, different levels were created by the local contractors to enable the installation of the playground elements.

In selecting the playground elements, we fell back on the proven playground classics, but thanks to the raised and diverse locations a totally new dimension is added.

In the uppermost point of the area a double swing allows the children a wonderful view of the heavens above.

The bright red wave slide is located on a slope, and makes full use of the landscape. A 2m high start tower is easily climbed with just a few steps, but allows the children a 5m slide down into the valley. The ‘crooked’ roof on the tower looks not only comfortable and earthy, but it also protects the construction against wind and weather.

By means of a wooden bridge over a small brook, the children reach a separate field where a seesaw made of larch can be found. Two amusing ‘springing seats’ in the form of animals and a roofed picnic area, round off the playground.

In addition, by installing of a solid wooden footbridge across a natural basin, the playground area is now also accessible to baby carriages. With a size of 2x4m and a load capacity of four tonnes, the footbridge also allows servicing and lawn mowing to be done with a small tractor.

For the construction of the play devices and bridges, we decided on natural and robust wood. Bastard Acacia, and native Larch timber give the playground elements not only a special appearance, they also provide durability.


Type: Playground
Construction year: 2015
Norm: German Institute for Standardisation EN1176