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“AIDAnova” indoor ropes course

AIDA Cruises (cruise liner)

Cruise ship guests of all ages can embark on an exciting climbing adventure on the activity deck of the AIDAnova – in the ropes course jungle right under the glass dome. In the 15 themed climbing areas such as “Big Foot”, “crocodile” and “twisting tree trunk”, climbers can immerse themselves in the worlds of Mowgli and Crocodile Dundee.

The induction course is located in a round hut designed in an African style. Here, climbers can familiarise themselves with the communicating safety system before they set out to explore the climbing course at a height of more than 6 metres.

As with all the projects that we have previously completed on cruise liners, all ropes course elements need to be able to withstand continuous use on the high seas. Thermally treated wood, V4A stainless steel and specially coated steel were used in the construction of the ropes course.


Type:Adventure park
Constructed:    2018
Stations:15 + induction area
Standard:    DIN EN 15567