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Adventure Park Altmühltal

Beilngries (Altmühltal / Bavaria)

In summer 2005, in a quiet deciduous forest in the Beilngrieser Hirschberg, we built the Adventure Park Altmühltal. The entire park is built above a labyrinth of cellars used formerly as storage for the local brewery.  Today it serves as a museum.

Conceived with various Parcours of varying levels of difficulty, the park offers a suitable adventure for all climbing abilities.  We arranged the 62 different elements in such a way that the participant is always facing new challenges.

One Parcour, with six Flying Foxes up to 81.8m long, lets the visitors ‘fly’ through the forest with speed and suspense, while secured by Edelrid’s communicating safety-system, the Smart Belay.

A team Parcour also belongs to the facility. Eight elements were conceived especially for team trainings and group events. Experienced trainers work here to develop skills like teamwork and communication.


Type: Adventure Park, Flying Fox Parcour, Team Parcour
Construction: 2005
Duties: 62/6/8
Height: up to 13 m
Norm: EN 15567