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Adventure Park ‘Treasure of the Caribbean’

Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

‘Bavaro Adventure Park’ located the Caribbean tourist destination of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, now has a new exciting feature in its collection; a brand new ropes course in the form of a pirate ship, consisting of a central platform and three parcours.  All 28 exercises were designed around the subject of the Caribbean; the ‘Barrel Ride" allows the participant atop a rum barrel to glide from platform to platform. The safety-system Smart Belay (Edelrid) provides for complete worry-free safety.

All rope course elements were prefabricated in our workshop and were dispatched to the Caribbean in a 20ft shipping container, together with the complete plans and construction equipment.  The strong wind loads and the high temperatures on site provided special engineering demands concerning design and material choices. For example, to prevent termite infestation all wooden elements were put through a high-pressure tantalizing process in-house. On site in the Dominican Republic, one of our employees experienced in ropes course construction and a native English-speaker oversaw the construction using local companies, builders and labourers. In spite of difficult circumstances including the heat, humidity and wind the ropes course was finished in less than six weeks. For our employee, the cooperative and extremely helpful nature of the local workers made for an enjoyable, successful and unforgettable experience.


Type: Adventure Park
Construction: 2013
Elements: 28
Height: up to 16.5 m
Norm: EN 15567




Video zum Bau