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Climbing Park Merzig

Merzig (Saarland)

Equipped with more than 100 climbing elements, 'Kletterhafen Merzig' in Saarland, Germany, offers a completely new dimension to Adventure Parks in Europe!

The Ropes Course is made up of a total of ten Parcours arranged in gradually increasing levels of difficulty. As long as the climber is at least five years of age, and meets the minimum height requirement of 130cm, there is an appropriate challenge for every climber. For the fearless, a 22-metre-high 'Quick Jump' is available.

Because the facility lies directly beside the Marina in Merzig, the Ropes Course was designed to look like a ship. Elements like 'achter shot', and 'sailor’s bridge' fit the concept optically as well as contributing to the overall theme.

As in all parks we build, but even more so due to the size of this park, special consideration was given to ensuring participant traffic flowed well. Many elements were reinvented by us, and the Parcour routes were very carefully thought out.

To guarantee maximum safety, 'Safe link SSB with Scooter' from Bornack was chosen. It is a communicating Safety-system requiring no separate roller, thereby simplifying its use.

The IAPA-certified Training course for the Safety Trainers was delivered by us.

A Team Parcour also belongs to the total concept.


Type: Adventure Park, with Team Parcour
Construction: 2015
Elements: 100
Height: up to 22 m
Norm: EN 15567