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Adventure Park ‘Hanse Rock’

Adventure Park ‘Hanse Rock’


On the grounds of the 2013 International Garden Show (IGS) held in Hamburg we built the Adventure Park ‘Hanse Rock’.  The IGS motto ‘Around the world in 80 gardens’ provided the inspiration for the 5 parcours with 44 elements, and together with Christoph Brand and his team, we developed an interactive Adventure Park concept.  Each parcour was themed around the world’s continents, combining sporting challenges with education. Information boards in every station provide a wealth of information about each continent, their different sports and cultures, from near and far. To ensure a safe and worry-free climbing experience and to deal with the high visitor turnover; the decision to use the Roperoller3 safety-system was easy. As a continuous safety-system, there is no need for the visitor to disconnect their lanyard from start to finish of a parcour.  Without that safety concern, even children as young as six years old can explore the courses. Situated in Hamburg’s renowned Wilhelmsburg district, there are ample things to do and see after the climbing experience.

Because the Adventure Park was to be built amongst protected trees and the topsoil wasn’t ideal, the foundation work presented us with large difficulties. However, by the use of special pile foundation technology and micro-foundations, we were able to erect 49 masts without encroaching on the delicate natural environment.


Type: Adventure Park
Construction: 2013
Elements: 28
Height: up to 16.5 m
Norm: EN 15567