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Adventure Park ‘"High-live’ am Erbeskopf

Deuselbach (Rheinland-Pfalz)

In 2010, in the midst of a regenerated forest at Erbeskopf in Rheinland-Pfalz, we built an Adventure Park.  Five parcours spanned between trees have different levels of difficulty, thereby providing something for every participant. 54 diverse Elements were developed, ensuring the climbers are always challenged to develop new strategies for overcoming the obstacles.

The separate but nearby Team Parcour is suited for groups taking part in a team event or team training under instruction of an experienced trainer. We planned the course efficiently: five of the seven elements are accessible from a central platform.  Participants are secured by means of ‘Toprope’ from the ground; allowing them to be let down if requested at any time.

In summer, 2013 we extended the Adventure Park by adding a Flying Fox Parcour. At lengths up to 180m, the Flying Foxes provide the visitors with a suitable adrenalin-kick.

Because the participant’s safety is of the utmost importance, we chose the communicating safety-system ‘SSB’ from Bornack.  Its function doesn’t allow participants to inadvertently unclip both of their carabiners simultaneously, thereby increasing safety.


Type: Adventure Park, Flying Fox Parcour, Team Parcour
Construction: Summer, 2010
Elements: 54
Height: up to 9.5 m
Norm: EN 15567