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‘Kletter- und Erlebniswald Schwaan’ adventure park

The ‘Kletter- und Erlebniswald Schwaan’ adventure park was built right in the heart of a beautiful nature reserve and is now the perfect place for adventure-style climbing tours.

The first of a total of seven parcours ropes courses is located on the edge of a small lake on a specially constructed wood platform. Here, participants embark on a climbing tour through the structurally diverse mixed woodland which takes them high into the treetops.

A particular highlight is the various flying foxes ziplines that whiz participants over various water routes. The longest zipline measures at around 116 metres. The approximately 10-metre-high climbing and event tower is another park highlight. Adrenaline junkies can travel up to the tower’s highest platform and base jump into the depths below.


Type:    adventure park
Constructed:    summer 2021
Parcours:    7
Normen:    BS EN 15567


Photos: Tom Haagen, Kletter- und Erlebniswald Schwaan