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Laupheim “Mobi Park” adventure park

Laupheim (Baden-Württemberg)
Located in an idyllic setting on the banks of a flooded gravel pit, the ropes course is a popular visitor attraction on the site of a former gravel plant which has been transformed into a leisure and tourism facility close to the town of Laupheim.  For this reason, we ensured the design of the facility was focused primarily on appealing to a very wide range of visitors.

The climbing area offers just the right challenge for visitors of all ages, from beginners to professionals. Beginning at the starting tower, visitors have the choice of 8 courses of different levels of difficulty and can test their own personal limits on approx. 80 climbing challenges spread over a total climbing route of 1.5 km. The heights of the obstacles vary from 3 to 9 metres. Anyone looking for a true adrenaline rush has 2 thrilling special attractions to choose from: a giant swing and a base jump that is nearly 16 metres high.

Carefree climbing fun is guaranteed through the use of a continuous safety system – visitors remain securely attached throughout the climbing courses and cannot unclip themselves from the safety rope. Additional security is ensured by an electronic monitoring system which only allows access to the courses if visitors are correctly positioned in the safety system.

In line with our motto of “everything from a single source”, we not only managed the planning and construction of this project but also provided training for a total of 22 ropes course instructors in accordance with the guidelines set by the international ropes course association IAPA.


Type: Adventure park
Constructed: Winter 2016/17
Challenges: 78 + 2 special attractions
Obstacle height: Up to approx. 16 m
Standard: EN 15567

© MobiPark Laupheim. Photographer:Björn Hoffmann