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Adventure Park ‘PirateRock’ Wietzepark

Isernhagen (Hannover / Lower Saxony)

Designed as a pirate ship which has run aground on the shore of Hufeisensee (a lake), it fits optically and thematically to the local scenery. All climbing elements were created imaginatively based on the total concept ‘PirateRock’. The access points to the parcours are found on a central platform, while at the end of climbing pleasure two long Flying foxes bring the visitors safely back to the ground.  The entire park is equipped with the communicating safety-system Smart Belay, which is suited for children from 8 yrs. old, thus ensuring fun, is for the whole family.

The first-time use of Ground Screws as foundations in a ropes course was spectacular. To make the construction in the direct bank area possible, professional divers had to be used for placement of the foundations under water. On the relatively narrow building site an entire facility was created exactly to the needs of our customer, Christoph Brand, CEO of the firm Schattenspringer GmbH.


Type: Adventure Park
Construction: 2012
Elements: 28
Height: up to 16 m
Norm: EN 15567