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“Steinfort Adventure” adventure park

Steinfort (Luxembourg)

One of Europe’s largest climbing facilities stands on a former windthrow area in the municipality of Steinfort, Luxembourg. The developer of the adventure park is Steinfort local authority.

It is actually very unusual to put a man-made ropes course facility in the middle of a forest. What makes it special is that the climbing routes wind their way very close to or between the existing trees. For this reason, the permit requirements for the construction of the course were very high. However, close cooperation with the relevant safety authorities made it possible for acceptance to go ahead without any defects at the end.

Visitors climb up a central ladder to reach the 2 starting platforms. These form the starting point for the 8 climbing courses, which are arranged according to varying levels of difficulty. This enables climbers to push themselves to their own personal (height) limits. A 140-metre-long Flying Fox guarantees high-flying fun.

For younger visitors, there is a low ropes course with obstacles at a training height of 0.6 metres. Children also wear a safety harness here, just like the grown-ups. Because this area is accessible to the public, we constructed it in accordance with safety standard DIN EN 1176 (playground equipment).


Type:    Adventure park, low ropes course
Constructed:    Summer 2017
Obstacles:    Over 100 (total)
Obstacle height:    Up to 12 m
Standards:    DIN EN 15567, 1176


Photos (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8): Kris Kayser, CIGL Steinfort