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Adventure Park Pappenheim

Pappenheim (Bavaria)

‚Daran erkenn ich meine Pappenheimer’ is a phrase from a Schiller's drama piece well known throughout Germany.  In July, 2013, in the aforementioned Pappenheim, we built a classical Adventure Park consisting of 5 parcours with 44 elements.  Thematically we designed the elements for the Roman era. With the ‘Roman Galley’ the participants sail through the forest; on the ‘Smuggler's Path’ they must overcome obstacles like beer barrels and sabres, while the ‘Roman Bridge’ requires balance.  The safety of the participants is maintained throughout by ‘’Saferoller’, a continuous safety-system.

While the adults test their courage on elements up to 12m high, the little ones can test their skills at 1m above the ground in the separate toddler course.  The ‘Saferoller’ system also ensures their safety from start to finish.

Those who prefer to climb in a group, will find themselves at home in the Team Parcour.  Using the so-called Top-Rope safety-method and led by a suitably qualified trainer the participants must secure each other, thereby demonstrating team skills like collective-responsibility and team-spirit. Particularly challenging during construction of the facility was the steep slopes and the vegetation.


Type: Adventure Park, Children’s Parcour, Team Parcour
Construction: Summer, 2013
Elements: 44/6
Height: up to 12 m
Norm: EN 15567