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Adventure Park, Rütihof

Gränichen (Switzerland)

In spring of 2013 we were able to extend the ‘Rütihof’ Adventure Park we built in 2006, by adding two new ‘partner parcours’ to the self-belay area.  Totally new climbing concepts combined with the physical challenges make social aspects the focus. Only by working together will the participants get through elements like the ‘four-hand pyramids’ or the ‘tandem flying fox’.

Through the use of classic safety-material, i.e. Harness, lanyards and carabiners, the participant is required to use their own self-responsibility, contributing hugely to a true climbing experience.


Type: Adventure Park with partner parcour, Team Parcour
Construction: 2006 / extended in 2013
Height: up to xx m
Norm: EN 15567