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Adventure Park Ammersee "Wilde Gretl"

Utting in Ammersee (Bavaria)

Designed in form of a pirate ship, this Adventure Park is a multi-function facility, offering climbing adventure and events. The ropes course with four Parcours in gradually increasing difficulty levels offers climbing pleasure up to 13m high. The participants climb in pairs and are protected by Edelrid’s Smart Belay, a communication safety-system.  The elements were designed aesthetically around the subject ‘Pirates’.

Parcour 1 was especially developed for beginners and children. Because Bornack’s Evolution Safety-system delivers the highest level of safety, children can climb without parental supervision at heights between 3-5m.

In the hull of the ship the basis of all Ropes Course can be found; the office, a material store, WC and a guest area.

The so-called ship deck serves as an event platform, where open-air screenings, concerts and parties take place regularly.


Type: Adventure Park
Construction: 2011
Elements: 38
Height: up to 13 m
Norm: EN 15567